Go Square Go

at Cephalopod, East London
26 May 2012

Go Square Go brings together a number of artists whose work is characterised by an unconventional approach to the use of the traditional pictorial frame. The relationship between the image and rectangular frame is here tested, collapsed, fragmented, tickled, expanded and exploded. The divisions between two and three dimensions are blurred in a series of formal experimentations separated by unique questions towards their disparate subject matter and content.

Lee Broughall
Daryl Brown
Iain S Hales
Ella Golt
Mark Green
Guy Oliver
Paula Smolarska
Mark Sowden
Raphael Zelfa

Curated by Mark Green and Guy Oliver

159 Cassland Road, Hackney,
E9 5BS London

Overground: Homerton
Bus: 26, 30, 388

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