I'm Not Done

18 - 24 October 2014
Islington Arts Factory, London

'I'm Not Done' is a series of exhibitions instigated by Kathryn Bonnar and Cherelle Sappleton. The exhibitions, alongside events and conversation, investigate decision-making processes, identity, and authorship, by asking artists to exhibit work and concepts that are unresolved to themselves.

'I'm Not Done' #1 sees artists Simon Barkworth, Kathryn Bonnar, Lee Broughall, Matthew Edwards, Pauline Emond, Holly Graham, Vicky Lysons, Bex Massey, Patricia Pisanelli, Cherelle Sappleton, and Chris Stokes exhibit unresolved works and concepts. Taking place in Islington Arts Factory's fascinating chapel space the exhibition aims to take the viewer closer to the intriguing processes an artist goes through before reaching a resolution - if this is ever possible.

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